Wikibase to RDF

This tool converts entities in Wikibase’ native JSON format into RDF in various syntaxes. You can use it to get the RDF version of some data before saving it in a Wikibase instance (e. g. Wikidata), for instance to sanity-check the data with RDF-based tools.

Either the JSON for a single entity, as shown in the placeholder, or the output of Special:EntityData or wbgetentities, containing one or more entities below an entities key.
Used to construct entity and predicate URIs, by appending entity/Q1, prop/P1, prop/direct/P1, etc.
Used to construct entity data URIs by appending the entity ID.

The format in which the data will be returned is subject to HTTP content negotiation. If you’re submitting the above form in a browser, you will most likely get RDF/XML back, which depending on the browser will be shown to you directly or offered as a file download. When using the tool programmatically (by sending a POST request with appropriately encoded form data), you can select different formats, such as Turtle or N-Triples, by specifying their MIME types in the Accept header.